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Moldova 2020 Staff Team

Term: 27 July - 31 August

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The Background

Moldova is one of the most vulnerable nations in Europe, where one in 10 females will experience some form of violence in their lifetime. When you visit here, you take a step back in time; working in villages with roads made for geese and cows – not cars, where horse and cart are common modes of transport and where people live off the land, have community and get their hands dirty.

In rural communities, winters hit hard here and many marginalised people don’t survive them because of the inadequate housing. In previous years, teams have helped to refurbish homes to restore dignity and give life-saving warmth for the winter and have also supported other community projects here, such as the rescue and housing of trafficked girls. In 2019, we started working with local and Dutch partners to refurbish buildings that will be used by disabled children and their families as accommodation during summer camp. These families will stay for about a week, where social workers can observe the families and assess their needs. As well as creating family accommodation, teams helped convert some old garages and parking areas into playgrounds for disabled children. We will continue work with this partner into 2020.

In the afternoons, teams come away from the project site and support other projects in the local community. The majority of our afternoon activities will be in the adjacent youth camps which run throughout the summer. At the end of the mission, you'll take volunteers for a bit of R&R, seeing some local sites and history of the capital city. 

Moldova is a popular trip for youth groups and every year we run a dedicated youth team.

Job description

Many teams travelling to Moldova are youth teams, though be prepared to manage and build relationships with volunteers of all ages! Whichever role you apply for in Moldova, you will be coordinating and caring for the volunteer teams during the campaign as well as liaising and building relationships with our partners in-country. You will be a representative for Mission Direct in Moldova.

Joining the overseas staff team either as a Country Manager or as a staff team member at Mission Direct is both rewarding and exciting. You really do get to be hands-on in working alongside the Regional Managers in shaping our project focus in-country. A volunteer would typically go on a two-week mission trip, where they will experience the country and help change lives. As a Country Manager or an overseas staff team member you will spend more time in country than a trip volunteer; anything from 2 weeks to 5 months, depending on the campaign and number of volunteer teams scheduled to run. During your time in country you will get embedded in the work we do alongside our partners - from visiting future projects and preparing for teams arriving, to sampling the rest and relaxation excursion, which takes place for a few days at the end of our trips.

Team dates: 26 July - 8 August | 16 - 29 August (You will need to travel a few days before the team arrives and a day after they leave)


  • Support the country manager in country by taking on various key roles such as project manager, finance, hospitality, partner visits, health and safety
  • Liaise with in country partners regarding volunteer visits
  • Support volunteers while in country
  • Be able to commit to staffing 2 or more teams
  • Organising distribution of aid
  • Pastoral and spiritual support
  • Updating social media with activities and progress of team
  • Speak at events on behalf of Mission Direct
  • Attend orientation and debrief days