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Rukungiri, Uganda 2020 Staff Team

Term: 4 July - 30 August

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The Background

For many years, we've worked in Rukungiri, helping to provide access to education for disabled children in the community who are isolated and marginalised. We've built classrooms and dormitories at a mainstream school to integrate these children and give them the liberation that education can bring. We've also worked at other schools locally, building classrooms to help alleviate overcrowding as well as working with the Chilli Children to provide medical facilities to disabled children and their families in the community. We also support the Mothers' Union, who provide training to young girls aged 15-23, by building dormitories for girls to stay in whilst they get vocational training as well as Mosaic Vision Ministries (supporting families who take in orphaned children) and Mission4Water where we've helped to build wells for communities without water. 

In 2018, we moved location to the rural village of Rushararazi, 25 miles north of Rukungiri. This community has suffered drought and crop failure, leading them to live hand-to-mouth each day, where many days only see one meal if that. The community water tank is empty add the village school is overcrowded and in desperate need of repair and extension. We'll be continuing our work here, leading volunteers to assist local builders in providing new classroom facilities as well as a rainwater-harvesting tower for the entire community. The team and volunteers will be immersed in the community of this stunningly beautiful location, though may travel back to Rukungiri on occassion to support other community-led projects there. You'll also take the team to enjoy a few days of R&R at the end of the mission at Queen Elizabeth National Park, experiencing incredible wildlife and a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel. 

Job description

We're recruiting a new staff team member to join our long-serving, experienced Country Manager out in Rukungiri to help run the volunteer teams (dates below). Joining the overseas staff team either as a Country Manager or as a staff team member at Mission Direct is both rewarding and exciting. You really do get to be hands-on in working alongside the Regional Managers in shaping our project focus in-country. A volunteer would typically go on a two-week mission trip, where they will experience the country and help change lives. As a Country Manager or an overseas staff team member you will spend more time in country than a trip volunteer; anything from 2 weeks to 5 months, depending on the campaign and number of volunteer teams scheduled to run. During your time in country you will get embedded in the work we do alongside our partners - from visiting future projects and preparing for teams arriving, to sampling the rest and relaxation excursion, which takes place for a few days at the end of our trips.

Team dates: 4 - 18 July | 25 July - 8 August | 15 August - 29 August | 


  • Support the country manager in country by taking on various key roles such as project manager, finance, hospitality, partner visits, health & safety
  • Liaise with in country partners regarding volunteer visits
  • Support volunteers while in country
  • Be able to commit to staffing 2 or more teams
  • Organising distribution of aid
  • Pastoral and spiritual support
  • Updating social media with team activity and progress
  • Speak at events on behalf of Mission Direct
  • Attend orientation and debrief days
  • Support fundraising efforts for the project