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Zimbabwe 2020 Staff Team x2

Term: 22 July - 30 August

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The Background

Zimbabwe used to have an education system that was the envy of Southern Africa, but years of economic turbulence have left many schools deprived of investment.  The legacy of soaring inflation and high unemployment have meant not only hardship for many families, but also vastly reduced tax revenues for the government.

In Mutare, the local authority has been unable to build any new schools for the last 20 years due to lack of income. The existing schools have become very overcrowded, with twice the number of pupils they were designed for. This has a drastic impact on the quality of the education: classrooms are overcrowded; many classes take place in the open, subject to the elements; children attend school in morning or afternoon shifts; and some children walk several miles to reach school.

In Mutare, the local council has been seeking partners to build schools to serve the local children. In 2011 The United Baptist Church (UBC) of Zimbabwe was granted a large site in Dangamvura,  a growing suburb of Mutare. Since then, Mission Directhas partnered with UBC to build a primary school on this site, which will help to improve the quality of education for the local children.

In 2012 Mission Direct teams, working alongside local tradesmen, started construction of the first four classroom blocks, this work continued in 2014 with the construction of an ablution block. Volunteers from the United Baptist Church have done amazing work, building a further block of four class rooms with an ablution block and building the foundations, each year for each new set of classrooms. Our teams work each year to build a further 2 classrooms. Teams also visit and support other community-led projects here such as a local feeding programme and a School for deaf children. Teams relax with a few days of R&R at the end of the mission at Imire - a wildlife sanctuary.

Job description

We are recruiting 2 staff team members to come and support our Country Manager in Zimbabwe for our 2019 campaign. Ideally, you will need to be able to staff both trips, helping to run and manage the teams of volunteers coming out on mission. 

Joining the overseas staff team either as a Country Manager or as a staff team member at Mission Direct is both rewarding and exciting. You really do get to be hands-on in working alongside the Regional Managers in shaping our project focus in-country. A volunteer would typically go on a two-week mission trip, where they will experience the country and help change lives. As a Country Manager or an overseas staff team member you will spend more time in country than a trip volunteer; anything from 2 weeks to 5 months, depending on the campaign and number of volunteer teams scheduled to run. During your time in country you will get embedded in the work we do alongside our partners - from visiting future projects and preparing for teams arriving, to sampling the rest and relaxation excursion, which takes place for a few days at the end of our trips.

 2020 team dates:  25 July - 8 August | 15 -29 August. (You will need to travel a few days before the first team and stay until the day after the last team)



  • Support the country manager in country by taking on various key roles such as project manager, finance, hospitality, partner visits, health & safety
  • Liaise with in country partners regarding volunteer visits
  • Support volunteers while in country
  • Be able to commit to staffing 2 or more teams
  • Organising distribution of aid
  • Pastoral and spiritual support
  • Organising distribution of aid
  • Updating social media with team activity and project progress
  • Speak at events on behalf of Mission Direct
  • Attend orientation and debrief days
  • Support fundraising for the project
  • Support the recruitment of volunteers and reach of Mission Direct through networking and churches