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The Gift of Education


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The Projects

Continuing our building program at Joshua Dhube School- where 650+ students currently go to learn. Mission Direct began building classrooms here in 2012 and in 2019 completed our 16th classroom. For many, the school is their lifeline, representing a place of safety, love and hope – and there are so many more children desperate to be there.

Many children cross over the border from Mozambique here, looking for the chance to gain access to education and change their circumstances. Combine that with the growing population and class sizes burst with every intake year.

And there's more to do! Come and help us continue to provide vital facilities here including a toilet block to ensure that children have access to full-time education in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

For many children here, the school is their lifeline, representing a place of safety, love and hope – Help us to give the gift of education.

Afternoon: Support a local feeding programme, helping to feed over a hundred children in the community. Play with the kids, have fun and learn joy from them. You'll also support community outreach/home care visits - one of the most memorable parts of the trip for many.

Rest and Relaxation

You will visit Imire - a wildlife sanctuary situated a short distance from Harare and a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sable Lodge at Imire is an ideal place to enjoy wildlife, great food and a relaxed atmosphere - whilst also contributing to an important conservation cause.

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Country Information

Matare is a city in the East of Zimbabwe

The time Zone is GMT +1 hours

The local language of Shona, although English is widely spoken

Up to 27°C in Feb-Sep

The Flight is approximately 11 hours

The Impact So Far

The teams in Test Zimbabwe Social have been doing an incredible job.
Here are a few of the most recent stories and stats from the projects...


classrooms built at Joshua Dhube School


of shoes given to AIDS-orphaned children


computers installed into schools

Trip Dates

Zimbabwe 2023 – Team 1

11 Feb - 26 Feb 2023

No spaces available

You only have to give a £150 deposit to your trip contribution upfront.
The contributions listed are a reduced amount, based on the assumption that Gift Aid will be declared.

Orientation and Reunion days

Orientation days and reunion days are included to help you get the most from your trip.

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Reunion Day

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