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Fundraising Toolkit

We’re working on our resources so watch this space - more coming soon!

It’s easier than you think

In our experience, once volunteers decide to come on a trip and make that commitment, funds come more easily than they expect. People are very generous when a cause is compelling and you probably have a larger network to approach than you think! Many end up raising more than the trip contribution and 100% of this extra fund goes straight to the project you are helping.

The more we raise, the more hope we can build and change we can bring.

And remember, our trips are all-inclusive and ATOL protected – leaving you free to focus on fundraising and packing.

Fundraising Download the fundraising toolkit

Get inspired...

Car wash

Get out the bucket, soapy water and sponge and see how many cars you can clean. You will be amazed at how much you may accumulate.


If you have some items in your house that you need to clear out why not get selling. Alternativelty, you could always sell cakes / lemonade to raise some money.

Run, swim or walk

If you feel like you could tackle a sponsored run or maybe take a dip in the pool to raise money for a Mission Direct project, go for it!

Download your ideas pack

Make it easy for people to support you

People like to know what they are giving money towards so the better you can inform the better. Also, colleting money is harder than it sounds we have a few tools that may help...

Get your sponsorship form

Get Started

Create a short video to talk about your trip, upload to YouTube and share

Post a video

Make a powerpoint presentation

Get a template

Open a fundraising web page

Start Now

Explain how it makes a difference...

Some like to know what a specific donation may buy. Here are a few suggestions:


Builds a classroom


Digs a well


Fixs a roof so a family can stay dry


Allows a social worker to help a community


Pays for a teacher for a month


Pays for a child to go to school


Feeds a family for a month


Pays for a malarial treatment

Last but not least...Gift Aid

If a gift aid form is signed, the Government will give 25p for every £1 you raise to Mission Direct. This means that every time a UK tax payer makes a gift to us, there is a multiple ready to be collected. Please do all you can to get gift aid forms signed, as the financial impact is huge.

Please note that companies cannot gift aid money, nor can non-UK tax payers. Do make sure you have a pile of forms with you.

Download a Gift Aid form
For Example

£100 + Gift Aid = £125