What to Expect as a Mission Trip Volunteer | Mission Direct

What to Expect

Bringing change

Coming on mission with us is about enabling change, building hope and making a difference, one life at a time. Together, we’ll work with local communities to help build, renovate and decorate houses, schools and hospitals. The difference you will make to these communities in your two weeks is life-changing. And the change that will happen in you as a result needs to be experienced to be believed.

This has been the experience of a lifetime. Never again will I spend 2 weeks on a beach.

All Inclusive Mission

When travelling with Mission direct there is peace of mind that all of the little details are taken care of. Your trip contribution includes the following:

Return flights and in-country transfers




In-country travel

Main meals & bottled water

Before your trip:
Orientation sessions

We hold three orientation online calls in the UK prior to your trip to help you feel fully prepared. Make these dates a priority, you won’t regret it!

Learn about the project

Meet your team

Hear others experiences

Find out what to take

Bring Family or a Friend

Ask questions


Once you’ve reserved your space on a team, you’ll receive a further information sheet and handbook which will give you detailed information about all aspects of your trip. Because every trip is different, itineraries vary; Your orientation sessions will discuss details specific to your trip.

Generally each morning up until lunch time will be spent on the building site (for those teams on building projects).

After lunch you will visit and support other local community projects, such as feeding programmes, street children outreach, rescue centres, orphanages, schools, clinics, home visits etc.

The end of the trip then sees some rest and relaxation time for you to unwind and reflect, which will include some excursions.

After your trip:
Reunion day

Mission Direct runs a reunion day after all the project teams have returned home. We want to help you reflect on how the trip has affected you and how you can make sure those two weeks make a lasting difference on the rest of your life.

Reunite with friends

Get updates on the impact you’ve had

See videos and photos