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Out of sight, but not out of mind

Despite human trafficking being a crime in Cambodia, the country has a significant child sex tourism problem; some children are sold by their parents, while others are lured by what they think are legitimate job offers like waitressing, but then are forced into prostitution. 38% of women and girls working in sexually exploitative conditions had entered the industry because their virginity had been bought. In a survey of Cambodian sex trafficking victims to Thailand, only 25% reported being trafficked by a stranger. Two-thirds of the victims were trafficked by someone that they knew – a family member or someone from their community. Some are as young as 13.*

As part of our Cambodia outreach teams, the team visits the training centre of Precious Women; a Cambodian run NGO which offers women caught up in the entertainment industry a way out by providing training in beauty, hairdressing, cooking etc.

We learn about their work and enjoy beauty treatments, fun and conversation with some of the trainees. Following that, we join the Precious Women staff and volunteers in small groups, visiting 3 or 4 women that have escaped the sex industry and who now utilise these skills. Our aim is to demonstrate love and show interest to the women we will spend an hour or so with that evening. 

*Information taken from World Vision Trafficking Report: Cambodia


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The Projects

In 2023, you will be working with our partner Serve Cambodia at Light of Hope School, located in Takeo Province (outside Phnom Penh) to build a toilet block. The Light of Hope School serves a poor community providing a route out of poverty for the children who are born there. Currently there is no separation of toilets for male and female students, which can sometimes cause female students to not feel safe during their use of the toilet.

These new toilet facilities will directly benefit 130 beneficiaries, 375 indirect beneficiaries, making a total of 505 beneficiaries.

Rest and Relaxation

We’ll travel to Siem Reap for a couple of day where you can visit the Killing Fields and learn about the genocide that took place in the 1970’s killing nearly a third of Cambodia’s population. We’ll also visit the Angkor Wat temple complex, which is the World’s largest collection of temples and designate by the United Nations as a World heritage site.

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Country Information

Remote village of 300 people 10km from the Thai border, close to Sisophon

The time zone is GMT +7

Local language of Khmer. Also English, Chinese, French

Average 27°C

The flight to Siem Reap is approx 14-15 hours

The Impact So Far

The teams in Cambodia have been doing an incredible job.
Here are a few of the most recent stories and stats from the projects...


New villages of homes for vulnerable people in Phnom Penh


schools built incl. a floating classroom


bamboo houses built to move families off of dumps in Phnom Penh

Trip Dates

Cambodia Phnom Penh 2023 – Team 1

18 Feb - 04 Mar 2023

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