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First campaigns of 2019 start with…sand

You may or may not be aware, but last year our partner Serve Cambodia in Phnom Penh reported that the new road recently constructed by the government, which runs through New Happy Village, has been built 2-3ft higher than the surrounding buildings. 

This has had a devastating effect on the local community here, who now face constant flooding in their homes and school during the rainy season, which quickly becomes contaminated and a risk to health – though school children still turned up for their lessons, undeterred and helped the effort!

Upon receiving news of this, Mission Direct put out an appeal for help. Many of you generously gave, helping to provide sand bags and a pump to start to alleviate the issue. Our November team in 2018 also saw their mission change – from building a new house, to raising the floors of homes our teams have already built. This enabled families to live above the flood waters and aid neighbours and friends who weren’t as fortunate. 

Our first team of 2019, which includes a medical team, is Team 1 to Cambodia, who continue this work – and they have worked hard! Raising a floor by 4ft is no mean feat and requires a lot of sand-shifting. They have been champions! Team 2, due to go out on the 9th Feb will continue the mission to help more families live above the waterline. 

Teams also travel to Makak Village in the Takeo Province as part of their 2-weeks in Cambodia, helping to build new classrooms at Light of Hope School for a remote village here, which our November team started last year. 

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