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Meet John, from the streets of Narok, Kenya

When John first met the MD team he was living on the streets of Narok; one of dozens of boys here that do and tens of thousands in Kenya.

For John, life had a routine: Get up, reach for the glue – his only way to escape and cope with the life he was living – have a sniff, shuffle off into town to beg for money to buy a cup of tea – head back to the dump to sleep and sniff more glue until the evening. It’s then time to hustle and beg for more money for some dinner, before laying his piece of cardboard down on the smoldering dump to make the most of the heat.

This was John’s routine every day, but now life for John is different. He is off the glue and goes to boarding school, where he is achieving well.  He has ambitions to do well and help others like him in the future. This transformation is thanks to the home offered to 17 street boys – including John-  by a local woman, supported by MD volunteers.


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